Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Be who you are

While I was doing my weekend reading rounds, I came across this post where I found FODP (Fear of Disappointing People) is a real thing, it even has a name!  I am a lifelong sufferer of FODP and feel it most acutely when I have to meet (and “impress”) new people and/or interact (read “bedazzle”) at large gatherings. What if I’m not funny or interesting or smart enough?

But you know, I have to remember that I’m me, you are you, and each of us is you-nique. I think Dr Seuss has just about nailed it. Next time I’m in the grip of FODP, I’m going to remember these words and kick that FODP to the kerb.

Do you suffer from FODP too? How smart is Dr Seuss?

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