Getting Selfie with Styling You

Last week I was lucky enough to be a lady that lunched. But not any ordinary lady that lunched, no siree. I was a lady that lunched with 19 0ther lovely ladies and Nikki from Styling You. It wasn’t just a fangirl moment, it was a fangirl afternoon.

So it all went down at the super fine QT Hotel in Sydney which is one of those places I’ve always wanted to stay but probably never will, for no other reason than it’s in my home town. When it comes to -cations, I prefer the vay- kind rather than the stay- kind. Not only it was in the QT but it was in the Private Dining Room. Fancy as.

Olympus lunch

It was all hosted by our lovely friends at Olympus, they who created the PEN E-PL7  camera. Oh it’s so fine, it blows my mind, it’s totally self-cellent! Sue (AKA Baby Mac’s Mum) gave the camera a good once over. She’s the tops!

Olympus lunch

Nikki is as lovely as she is online only lovelier (that’s a lot of lovely, that is)  and she looked ah-mazing. She was totally selfless (excuse the pun) in sharing her photography knowledge and did a neat presentation aptly called “Getting Selfie with it.”

olympus lunch 6

We tackled the head shots first. Kirralee and I were all over these like a boss!

Styling You 10

Then, after liberally spraying ourselves with Twenty 8 courage and confidence spray. Yes, courage and confidence spray, that’s a thing, we all went to the light and photographed each other as if cameras were going out of fashion.

olympus lunch 7

Nikki gave us some top tips which we practised with wild abandon.

The most important thing to remember is that natural light is your friend. I like to think of it as mother nature’s filter.

Olympus Lunch

Crossing legs narrows the line as does angling sideways with the front foot forward. If you’re taking pics together, get up close and personal, the camera will love you that much more.

styling you 1

                     Rachel @nourishdfoodie      Vicki@styleonv and Namrata @namysstylenest

Having the camera facing straight on will make better body proportions and putting your hands on your hips creates more space. If you can carry it off, hands in pockets look great too.

styling you 2

Anita @missmamanita                   Kirralee @escape with kids

Personally I’m a big fan of the head tilt, as long as you’re tilting on your good side, that is!

Styling You 3

                                                                                       Sue @suemacca52

And then after a very long and very delicious lunch,  we had dessert because who can resist a chocolate profiterole and doughnut combo? Not me.


Olympus lunch

I just had time to snap a selfie with the Queen of Selfies herself…

olympus lunch 5

get a group shot…

styling you lunch

photo credit: Styling You

…before I was off on my merry way to practise posing like a pro.

olympus lunch 9

Well, almost! Viva la selfie!

Have you ever met one of your blog idols In Real Life? Have you mastered the art of the selfie yet? Do you like being in the picture? Are you playing along with Styling You’s #everydaystyle on Instagram too?