How my blog got it’s name and a makeover

The Annoyed Thyroid

One of the questions Lisa asked me in my interview for the Blog Roll was how my blog got it’s name. Well, when I started blogging , my thyroid was riddled with cancer and very annoyed about it too. I love playing with words and heart a rhyming pair. However, there aren’t that many words (that you would choose for a blog name) that rhyme with thyroid, and that my friends, is how my blog got it’s name.

The irony of the name isn’t lost on me, because I don’t even have a thyroid anymore, but I do have a blog and I wouldn’t be here now tapping the keys if my thyroid hadn’t been so annoyed. Isn’t it funny how things pan out?

I would be as likely to change  the name of my blog as a mother would be likely to change the name of their child, that is, very unlikely. Even though I haven’t got a thyroid, lots of people who have find my blog because theirs is not playing nice. In between all the cake and quotes, they can find a lot about my diagnosis, treatment and recovery in the archives.

When it came to giving the blog it’s well deserved extreme makeover, I really had no idea what I wanted but I did know I wanted to keep with the thyroid theme. The thyroid ribbon is teal, purple and pink and made the perfect colour palate for the new look. Call me biased, but I think everything looks pretty in pink.




Then there was the butterfly.

Someone asked me if I chose the butterfly to represent my cancer journey from a radioactive caterpillar to a life loving butterfly. Well, I didn’t but I kind of wish I did because it’s a such a neat analogy. I chose the butterfly simply because the thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland at the front of the neck.


I worked with the lovely Marita from Adelphi Mou who was the patient saint to my Blogzilla. Of course, it couldn’t be any butterfly. It had to be the perfect butterfly and I would only know it when I saw it. Marita really worked her magic, don’t you agree?


The makeover didn’t just bring about a new look, there’s heaps of new features too.

It’s much easier to search the archives. It’s much easier to get in touch.  And now you never have to miss a post. You can just sign up and subscribe and every post will be delivered direct to your inbox, as if by magic. How cool is that?!


So there you have it. How my blog got it’s name and other stories. Plenty more where those came from, I promise you that!

If you have a blog, how did it get it’s name? More to the point, how did your parents choose your name? Do you know?