20 Things about Me

20 things about me

I’m totally loving that 20 Things About Me thing on Instagram. I’m naturally nosey so I love finding out all the things (or at least 20 more of them,) about my friends. However, although I’ve been nominated a few times,  I am far too lazy and my fingers are far too fat to tappity tap all 20 things on my phone on that teeny tiny keyboard. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So I’ve taken a leaf out of Fat Mum Slim’s book, and am going to spill the beans here instead. Shall we?

1. I can’t drive a car, ride a bike, skip with a rope or surf!

2. I am an only child and suffer acutely from OCS (Only Child Syndrome) which can also be translated as spoilt brat.

3. I have always had long hair. Even when I was born I had a full head of perfectly coiffed hair. I still have the full head of hair, it’s just not so perfectly coiffed.

4. I can write backwards.

5. I can’t/won’t grow up. I am a five year old trapped in a forty something body.

6. I was born in South Africa. I lived in England most of my life and now I’m almost Australian. A perfect trifecta of living places, if ever there was one.

7. I don’t like change. At all. I like everything the same. All the time. My psychologist suggested I change one thing every day. I changed one thing one day and then gave it up as a bad job. My bad, I know.

8. I follow almost as many dogs as people on Instagram. It’s embarrassing to say but heartbreakingly cute to look at.

9. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone smile and knowing I put it there.

10. I spend way too much time on the computer.

11. I am scared of mice and cockroaches. They are my nemesis.

12. I am all about words. Numbers just aren’t for me.

13. I only like drinking water if it’s got bubbles in it.

14. The only way I know my left from right is if I look at my wedding ring.

15. I’ve had a couple of near death experiences. I had a serious car accident on the Hume Highway when I was backpacking (escaped with cuts and bruises,) fell out of a kayak in the Jordan River in Israel (escaped with a bruised ego,) and had cancer twice.

16. I’ve got 2 tattoos and would have more if I wasn’t running out of room.

17. I cry at the drop of a hat. My tear ducts are regularly in overdrive. I cry when I’m happy, I cry when I’m sad and sometimes, I cry when I’m mad.

18. My wardrobe is full of heart prints and  I have a ridiculous amount of clothes with dogs on. Did I tell you how much I love dogs?

19. I hate tofu. Just thinking about it makes me gag. No offence to all the tofu lovers, it’s just not my thang.

20. I love being married to David. We met online so it’s true what they say, the interwebs are full of good people.

Now I’ve spilled my beans, won’t you spill yours? Tell me something that makes you you-nique?