Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Embrace Getting Older

July is birthday season on Planet Sam. Me, David, my mum and  one of my besties (also a Sam) have birthdays in just over a week. There is so much to celebrate.

I’ve always been a huge fan of birthdays, whether they be my mine or other’s but I’ve never been a bigger fan of birthdays than I am now.

I think of people I’ve known and loved who don’t get to have birthdays anymore and I think of people I have in my life now (myself included) who nearly didn’t get to grow old.

There was a time after my diagnosis that I thought I wasn’t going to get old. (Thanks for the 3 year terminal diagnosis, Dr Google.)  I was scared and angry. I felt robbed. I wanted those birthdays and I wanted to get old, grey hairs, wrinkles and dwindling super. I want it all. I still don’t want to grow up, but I’m happy to get old.

So you know, when this birthday rolls around, I will embrace it. When my loved ones have a birthday I will celebrate it. Because life is precious and so are they. Every day really is a gift.

Do your favourite people have birthdays in the same month too? When is your birthday? How do you embrace getting older?

Embrace getting older