Wednesday Words of Wisdom – There Is More To Life

There is more to life than increasing it’s speed. True story.

My favourite Body Pump instructor is always reminding us of the futility of speeding ahead or going faster with our exercises. She says there is no need for speed because it’s all about time and attention. Sometimes, life is like a Body Pump class. It’s hard, it hurts and there’s a lot to pack in. Also in life, just like in Body Pump, there is no need for speed. There’s so much more to savour. Just like my instructor says, it’s all about time and attention.

Since I’ve been back in the mother country, I’ve had more time, paid more attention and been on a bit of a go slow and you know what? I think both Gandhi and my gym instructor are onto something. Sometimes less is more.

Do you feel the need for speed or do you prefer to go slow? What will you pay some time and attention to today?