Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Mental Health

This is how Dr Vijay Roach, Chairman of the Board of the Gidget Foundation, began his talk when I recently heard him speak at Gidget House.

Vijay is an incredibly inspirational speaker but sadly, I am an incredibly forgetful person and as I was too enthralled to take notes, I can’t remember any other of his golden nuggets word for word.

No matter, because these words (Vijay didn’t dream them up, but he lives and practises medicine by them,) had a most profound effect on me. I know from my own experience with my touches of cancer; my health is so much more than my physical wellbeing. If I hadn’t reached out for help to my GP, who then referred me to a psychologist, I can say for sure, that I certainly wouldn’t be as healthy (in every sense of the word) as I am today.

As a practising obstetrician and gynaecologist, Vijay sees the whole patient and treats them whole-istically. (Did I just make up a word? I think so!) But it’s true, there is no health without mental health.

The stigma of mental illness bothers me so much. We’d think nothing of seeking medical attention for a physical ailment, but when we seek support for our mental health, we often see it as a weakness, when in actual fact, asking for and getting the help you need is a sign of strength.

This week is Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Week. Gidget House welcomes all parents who need access to perinatal mental health care. You can contact the Practice Manager 02 9460 1550  or email  for more information.

If you’re not a (new) parent and you’re struggling or feel under par, please make an appointment and talk to your GP. Because you’re worth it.

If you’re in urgent need, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

There is no health without mental health