Taking Stock – The Disneyland Edition

Taking Stock - The Disneyland Edition

Usually taking stock is a monthly affair but there’s been so much happening and so little time to write about it that I thought taking stock on a weekly basis would be the best way to keep you up to date with our adventures, so here it is, the Disneyland edition!

Making : Plans to do another Disney Double Dare in Disneyland. A girl can dream, can’t she?
Cooking : Nothing. Gah!
Drinking : Pre-race water and post-race wine. Whichever way you look at it, running is thirsty work!
Eating: All the things. If they’re Mickey Mouse shaped, like these pancakes,  it’s a bonus.

Taking Stock - Mickey Mouse pancakes
Reading: 50 Shades of Grey – it was a last minute selection from the shelves of  Vinnies before we left, I had no idea it was that saucy!
Wanting: To not leave Disneyland. Ever.
Looking: At my medals. Can’t stop! Won’t stop!
Deciding: What to do in Toronto.
Staying: At the Disneyland Hotel. It’s my spirit place!
Wishing: That I had got to see the Disneyland fireworks. On the flip side, next time I come back, I’ve got something to look forward to!
Enjoying: Being in the happiest place on earth where everyone is, you guessed it, happy!
Noticing: How much everyone loves the back of our running shirts. Being Australian has never felt so exotic. Everyone here says welcome.

TS 2 - #runningsydneytodisney
Waiting: To download all our running pics.
Liking: California sunshine.
Wondering: Which medal is my favourite. This is excess baggage of my favourite kind.

TS 6 - Disneyland half marathon weekend medals
Remembering: All the fun we’ve had.
Riding: All the baby rides because I’m too scared to go on the grown up ones!
Considering: Running another half marathon. I swore I’d retire after half marathon number seven, but now double digits seems the way to go.
Loving: Running around Disneyland. It is the ultimate run with a view.
Buying: Last minute Disney souvenirs.
Watching: The Frozen show at Disney’s Hyperion Theatre. Best!
Hoping: To smash our fundraising target for the Stroke Foundation.
Marvelling: At how we got an upgrade on the plane and at the hotel. There’s a first time for everything. Let’s just hope it’s not the last!
Cringing: At some of our running photos. They’re hilarious.
Needing: To sleep. Jet leg and early morning race starts are the perfect recipe for a sleepless night.
Running: Rings around Disney.
Wearing: Running costumes. Prince Charming and Cinderella were my far and away favourite!

Taking Stock Disneyland - Cinderella and Prince Charming running costume

Knowing: That all good things come to an end.
Thinking: That all the training we did was totally worth it.
Admiring: The ex-servicemen I saw running with prosthetics for Homes For Our Troops in the Half Marathon. They are real life superheroes.
Getting: Excited about popping my Canada cherry.
Bookmarking: All the things to see, eat and do in Toronto.
Coveting: A churro ice cream sandwich. Yes, that’s a thing. I hope I have the time and/or stomach space to fit it in.
Disliking: Crowds, queues for rides and sun lounge hoggers.
Listening: To my light up musical headboard. Just like everything else in Disneyland, it’s magic!

TS 1 - Disneyland hotel headboard
Feeling: Proud. We did it! We really ran 36km in 3 days. Sometimes you just have to redefine your impossible.
Helping: To raise money for the Stroke Foundation. It feels good to bring home the bling, but even better to know that this adventure can help others.
Celebrating: Victory.
Pretending: That holidays last forever. I wish…
Embracing: All the post run aches and pains. Pain is temporary but Disney bling lasts forever. True story.

So that’s my week in a nutshell. Tell me what’s happening in your world?

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