Taking Stock – The Waikiki Edition

Taking Stock - Waikiki

The last time we were in Waikiki we were on honeymoon and ten years later, we’re back to celebrate double digits of wedded bliss. I had really forgotten how much I loved Hawaii, the place, the people and everything inbetween! I can’t wait to come back!

Flying: Into Honolulu with Hawaiian Airlines – they have all the aloha.

Eating: Loco Moco – a traditional Hawaiian dish of white rice, topped with a burger, fried egg and covered in brown gravy. It sounds so wrong but tastes so right!

Discovering: The edible delights that are Malasadas from Leonard’s Bakery. It takes deep fried doughnuts to the next level!

Taking Stock - Malasadas

Deciding: On which cocktail to order next. Spoiler alert: It’s probably a Mai Tai.

Drinking: Mai Tays for days.

Knowing: That there is such a thing as too many Mai Tais.

Taking stock - Mai Tais

Learning: The Too Many Mai Tai Lesson the hard way.

Exploring: Oahu on a private tour. So much fun!

Marvelling: At the beauty of this incredible island. Check out these views at Hanuama Bay!

Taking Stock - beauty of Oahu

Staying: At the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa.

Loving: Waking up to an ocean view.

Taking Stock - Hyatt Regency Waikiki

Remembering: The last time we stayed at the Hyatt Regency… 10 years ago on honeymoon.

Relaxing: By the pool.

Caffienating: At Kai Coffee conveniently located on the ground floor of our hotel!

Taking Stock - Kai Coffee

Taking: So many pictures.

Needing: A phone with bigger memory to store all the pictures.

Blissing: Out with a couples massage at the Na’ Ho’ola Spa 

Taking stock - Hyatt Regency Waikiki Spa

Noticing: How much Waikiki has changed in the last 10 years.

Enjoying: All the aloha. The people here are so awesome.

Popping: My shave ice cherry at Matsumoto’s  on the North Shore.

Wearing: My new $5 dress. Bargain!

Taking stock - waikiki bargains

Playing: Pool with David. So much fun apart from…

Getting: Beat at pool by David. He shows me no mercy on the pool table.

Shopping: Up a storm at the Ala Moana Centre.

Coveting: These Kate Spade ballet flats. Too bad I’m a wannabe minimalist.

Ballet flats - Taking Stock

Reading: From Notting Hill to New York… Actually by Ali McNamara. It’s the perfect holiday read.

Attempting: The MAC Daddy Pancake Challenge – 5 pounds of pancakes between two people.

Taking Stock - MAC Daddy Challenge

Failing: The MAC Daddy Pancake Challenge. If I never eat a pancake again, I won’t be sorry.

Wondering: What all these toilet functions are for. Disclaimer: I never used them but only because I didn’t know how!

Taking stock Hawaii - toilet

Requesting: Iz the lift entertainer play all my favourite songs.

Listening: To Iz play all my requests on his ukulele.

Wishing: Holidays could last forever.

Hiking: To the top of Diamond Head… A very sweaty affair.

Taking stock - Diamond Head hike

Knowing: That we won’t wait another 10 years to come back to Hawaii!

Liking: The farmers markets at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa.

Taking Stock - Hyatt Regency Farmers Markets

Disliking: People who reserve sun beds with a towel and then disappear for hours.

Seeing: The sunset from the Moana Surfrider Beach Bar.

Running: Along Waikiki Beach. This is what you call a run with a view!

Taking stock - running Waikiki

Buying: More Christmas decorations. They’re the one thing I collect on my travels.

Wanting: To stay here forever.

Watching: Aha’ Aina – the luau at the Royal Hawaiian hotel.

Admiring: The performers at the luau. They are such groovy movers and have abs for days.

Taking stock - luau

Finding: Out that I’m a finalist in the Bupa Blog Awards. Squee!

Feeling: So excited that I could jive with a jelly baby.

Planning: All the things we’re going to do in San Francisco.

Looking forward to: Eating all my favourite foods in San Francisco.

Leaving: On a jet plane.

Have you ever been to Hawaii? Do you collect anything? Found any good bargains lately? Have you ever enjoyed too much of a good thing? Are you a groovy mover? If you were ordering a cocktail, what would it be? Tell me all the things!

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