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Taking Stock Disneyland 5k

Run Disney 5k, Disneyland, USA

I so enjoyed reading Marcella from What A Wonderful World Couple’s Travel Quiz Tag. It reminded me of this programme I used to watch when I was a kid, called Mr and Mrs. Each partner was asked a set of questions and then their spouse would be asked the same questions and had to try and guess their partner’s answers, often with hilarious results.

This quiz devised by Sarah from Endless Distances is like the modern day, online, travel version and David and I had such fun answering these questions (and going through our photo archives.)

Couples Tag - safari

On safari (and on honeymoon,) Bongani Mountain Lodge, South Africa

Round One: Sam

1.Where are you most likely to find Sam in a new city she travels to?

David’s answer: Getting an ice cream or a donut.

Sam’s answer: In an ice cream or a donut shop.

48 hours in Melbourne Donut van

American Doughnut Kitchen, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia

2. What is Sam’s traveling downfall?

David’s answer: She can’t pack a suitcase for toffee. (This is true. David always packs my suitcase!)

Sam’s answer: I can’t read a map to save my life and have no sense of direction.

Sunset at the Three Sisters

The Three Sisters, Katoomba, Australia

3. What is Sam’s traveling personality?

David’s answer: She’s organised but happy go lucky.

Sam’s answer: I like a bit of luxury and to plan ahead.

Taking Stock August 17 1

4. Why does Sam like to travel?

David’s answer: She likes different and exciting experiences.

Sam’s answer: I love to experience new places, new foods and new experiences. I’ve learned so much from travelling, not least about myself.

The Big Avocado, Duranbah, Australia

5. What is most fun about traveling with Sam?

David’s answer: I spend quality time with my favourite person.

Sam’s answer: Travelling with me means a lot of ice cream and a lot of fun!

Luigis Rollicking Roadsters 10 on 10 August 17

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, Disneyland, USA

Round Two: David

1. What is the place David least wants to travel to?

Sam’s answer: India.

David’s answer: India.

Budapest - travel tag

On mini moon, Budapest, Hungary

2. What is David’s favourite part about a new country?

Sam’s answer: Eating and drinking.

David’s answer: Food and drink.

Travel Tag - Coronado Brewing

Coronado Brew Pub, San Diego, USA

3. What is David’s annoying habit at the dinner table while traveling?

Sam’s answer: Looking at his phone. Except when he’s taking pictures of his food, of course. That’s legit!

David’s answer: Not sharing my food.

Couples Travel Tag - Instagram Husband

Doughheads, Newcastle, Australia

4. What does David dislike about traveling?

Sam’s answer: He’s not a fan of flying.

David’s answer: Being away from home.

Couples tag - flying

Flying in to Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

5. What is David’s travel superpower?

David’s answer: I’m a great case packer.

Sam’s answer: He’s like a cat, he can sleep anywhere! Also he can read maps like a boss. He’s like my personal navigator.

Taking stock - California Memorial Stadium

California Memorial Stadium, Berkeley AKA Bear Country, California, USA

So how do you think we did? I’m calling it a draw! Now we’ve told you our answers, why not tell us yours?!

Do you prefer travelling solo or with another? Who’s your favourite travel buddy and how well do you know them? Will you have a crack at the quiz?

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