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She's So Inspiring

My life has been touched by some uber amazing women whose passion for life and the way they  choose to live it have really inspired me.  A few years ago, I started the She’s So Inspiring series to showcase these amazing stories because I knew that they would inspire others.  Some of these inspiring women are bloggers, some are not, their lives are all different and  they are all incredibly special. I am so honoured that they are sharing their stories and sprinkling a little bit of their awesome right here. May you be wom-inspired!

Meet Emma Blacklock.

I’ve been lucky enough to virtually cross paths with some truly amazing women on the interwebs and I haven’t been backwards in being forward about inviting them to be in this series. I’ve been patiently waiting to introduce you to Emma for some time but as you’ll soon discover, she just doesn’t stop! Emma will be taking part in a 50km trail run this weekend and I for one will be virtually cheering her on.

Her juggling of balls – mumming, biking, running a business and entering triathlons – is an awesome feat in itself but it’s what she’s accomplished in the last 3.5 years that is truly amazing. Emma has a passion, a purpose and an enthusiasm for life and goal getting that is positively infectious! She’s just so inspiring!


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a full time mum to four, wife to one (thank God! I couldn’t handle anymore), business owner, part time triathlete, casual Mountain Biker and sometimes reader, writer, sewer and gardener.

3.5 years ago I walked into my surgeon’s office. He asked me what my goal was. I replied, “To run a marathon”. He laughed and said, “I meant how much weight”. I shook my head and said, “The goal is to run a marathon”.

Since then I’ve:

    • had Gastric Sleeve surgery
    • lost 50kg,
    • competed at six 70.3 Ironman (Geelong, Cairns, Western Sydney),
    • run at Ultra Trail Australia twice (22km & 50km), (will do the 50 again in 6 weeks time)
    • participated in Townsville to Cairns Bike ride 3 times,
    • ridden in numerous Mountain Bike Events and
    • represented Australia at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in South Africa – 2018
    • will represent Australia again at Ironman 70.3 world championships in Nice, France – September 2019

To say I’ve found my value and purpose is an understatement. The pride on my husband and childrens’ faces as I cross finish lines is priceless. To see their passion for their sport (Mountain Biking/Cycling) is all that I could ever ask for.

I can not wait to cross so many more finish lines.

The future excites me beyond words.

My life excites me beyond words.

Emma Blacklock shes so inspiring 2

Tell us 3 things you are and 3 things you’re not. 

Am: 1) A Mummy – first and foremost 2) Always learning 3) Willing to work hard

Not: 1) Fake – I am who I am 2) Easy to fool 3) Trying to influence others

Complete this sentence, ____________________  changed my life. How and why?

I don’t think any one thing changed my life, just a series of good and bad decisions, lessons learnt, important people and a constant desire to move forward.


What has been life’s greatest lesson?

I don’t think there has been one great lesson, just many many small lessons, that have contributed to my understanding my own capacity in each moment.

What is your biggest achievement?

Being a mum and hopefully (still have a way to go) raising four competent, compassionate, inspired people who are not a burden on society and who go gently, but noisily through life.

shes so inspiring Emma Blacklock

What has been your toughest obstacle and how have you overcome it?

My own inner doubts and the obstacles I put before myself. I am smashing them in my chosen sport, but not necessarily on a career (what career?!) or personal/relationship front.

Viktor Frankl says “Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how.” Everyone needs a purpose, what’s yours?

Being a person my children can be proud of and showing them that hard work is always required.

shes-so-inspiring-Emma-Blacklock 1

What are your words to live by?

I have 2: 1) Faith over Fear – you have to have faith in yourself and your abilities. I’m also a very faith based person and see God and the Holy Spirit in all that I do. 2) Rudyard Kipling’s Poem “If”. Words for all of us to live by, especially in our social media driven, “me, me, me” world.

If you could have any mentor, alive or dead, who would you choose and why?

Saint Francis of Assisi – he did so much, with so little and kept true to himself and his belief regardless of what those around him did and said. Closely followed by Joan of Arc and Sir David Attenburough.

If you could play hookie for a day what would be on your list to do?

I’m very very blessed and get to play hookie and ride my bike, run, swim and be mum every day. A true hookie day would be riding my mountain bike all day with hubby somewhere like NZ, Whistler, Buller or Tasmania.


You give so much to others, what do you do to take care of yourself?

I cycle, run, swim and love to ride my mountain bike when I have a chance.

Emma Blacklock cycling

Thank you for sharing, Emma. 

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