Taking Stock – December 2022

a cavapoo sitting on red leather armchair looking at the camera

Here we are on the last day of 2022 and what a ride this year has been! It has certainly been a December to remember for all the right reasons, not least because it has been our first northern hemisphere Christmas and the first with family for 14 years!

It’s been a fun festive season with lots happening and much to be grateful for and here’s a whistlestop tour of the month that was.

Making: This Rocky Road wreath. If I’m lucky I might get around to posting the recipe by next Christmas!

a milk chocolate rocky road wreath drizzled with white chocolate and topped with red and green M and Ms

Baking: A persimmon, cranberry and walnut loaf – I can’t wait to share the recipe with you.

Eating: All the English Christmas food like these Pigs in Robes (a spin on Pigs in Blankets!)

Cooking: In my Ninja 15-in-1 – it’s ace but a big learning curve.

Dehydrating: Teddy’s treats in the Ninja – so quick and easy!

Satisfying: My dumpling cravings with these Reindeer Bao from Marks and Spencer.

reindeer bao on a plate

Drinking: Lots of cups of hot tea, it’s the weather for it!

Hanging: A wreath on our front door. I’ve always wanted one!

a snow dusted succulent wreath hanging on a blue front door with stained glass window panes

Donating: To charity instead of sending paper Christmas cards this year.

Exploring: Lincoln Christmas Market.

a man and woman wearing beanies and smiling in front of Lincoln cathedral

Watching: A combo of world cup action and Christmas movies.

Seeing: The local pantomime, Cinderella! Oh yes, I did!

Downloading: Some cracking Christmas reads on to my kindle and reading none of them. Oopsie!

Joining: The local library in an effort to kick start my reading mojo!

Listening: To Christmas tunes – I just can’t get enough.

Failing: Dismally at building a gingerbread house. Note the icing on my glasses!

woman wearing christmas jumper with hands in air looking shocked with a destroyed gingerbread house in front of her

Laughing: At my terrible efforts!

Marvelling: At Not Quite Nigella’s Charcuterie Chalet.

Enjoying: A fabulous few days in London catching up with family and friends.

Taking: Teddy on his first London bus and underground ride!

cavapoo wearing a red jacket sitting on the seat on the tube

Liking: Our first snow.

Disliking: When the snow turns to ice!

Dog wearing red onesie looking at camera in a street full of frost

Loving: Reuniting with some of our oldest friends for an early Friendmas Christmas Dinner.

Visiting: The beautiful market town of Ely. Fun fact – I used to work there many moons ago.

Counting: Down to Christmas… And Hanukkah.

a cavapoo wearing a kippah and a blue bandana in front of a menorah

Lighting: The candles for Hanukkah.

Opening: The doors of my wine advent calendar.

Wearing: My December uniform of Christmas jumpers.

Stepping: In front of the camera for our annual Christmas family photo shoot!

Matching: Christmas jumpers on point!

Hosting: Friends and family.

Showing: Them around our beautiful town.

Realising: At the tender age of 51 that brussel sprouts grown on stalks!

Joining: The local pub quiz – we didn’t come last so I’m counting that as a win!

Feeling: Really happy.

Sleeping: On Christmas bedding. I’m a bit obsessed.

Spending: Christmas with the outlaws in the North East but only got photos of food, not people!

Falling: Into a food coma.

Needing: To not eat for a while!

Being: Treated to a marvellous manicure by my talented niece.

Going: To the beach on Boxing Day.

Dog on beach looking out to sea

Recovering: From my snot virus and then catching it again. Argh!

Testing: For Covid because I always like to err on the side of caution! Pleased to report results are negative!

Planning: To do a yearly review but just ran out of time.

Hoping: To get back to business as usual on the blog in the new year. Don’t hold your breath though…

Missing: My mum more than ever.

Looking: Forward to a 2023 full of all good things.

Now I’ve told you all about my month, I’d love to hear about yours. Spill the beans in the comments!