In My Kitchen – June 2024

June may have been a short month but it was action packed in the kitchen. I actually can’t believe it’s July already AKA Birthday month because David, me and even little Teddy Roosevelt all have July birthdays. It’s going to be a busy old month full of festivities and of course, cake! But before I get stuck into the festivities, it’s time to join Sherry and friends to find out what’s been cooking In My Kitchen. Thanks for hosting, Sherry!

Let’s get stuck in, shall we? My neighbour kindly gave me a lorry load of rhubarb so I finally got to make some rhubarb curd, like lemon curd/butter only in rhubarb form. By golly it was good. I can’t wait to share the recipe soon.

I am lucky enough to now have a wonderful network of rhubarb dealers who either deliver my supply or invite me to pick my own down at the allotment whenever I need it. I really am living my best rhubarb life! In case you’re wondering, this rhubarb did have leaves, I just ripped them off and put them in the compost before I took the photo!

I also got some freshly picked garlic (excuse all the shadows in the pic) – it doesn’t get fresher than that! I considered making garlic confit but decided against it because a) I was too lazy and b) have you seen the price of olive oil right now?!

I had a wonderful night in the Big Smoke visiting my auntie. The main act was seeing the play Long Day’s Journey Into Night at the theatre but I was equally excited about going to the local Jewish deli. I came back with all kinds of deli delights – smoked salmon, chopped herring and everyone’s fave, chopped liver. The star of the show though was this enormo-challah. Look how it’s bathed in sunlight – it was utterly divine.

Talking of auntie, I also whipped up a batch of her champion chicken soup. I’d acquired the most terrible cough on the way back from Madrid and I spent most of the first part of June coughing and hacking my guts up. I’m pleased to report that after a few bowls of this soup, I was almost back to normal. It really does have healing properties and it tastes like a hug in a bowl!

I also shared the recipe for this healthier chicken parmy which has been taking up valuable real estate in my drafts folder for months! It’s so easy and delicious and is one of our favourite dinners.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m the kind of person who chooses booze based on the can or the bottle. So no prizes for guessing why this can of beer came home with me!

For Father’s Day at David’s request, I made my chicken pot pie which has to be my most popular (in this house) recipe. It’s so easy and I’ve made it so often, it’s actually a crime I haven’t posted the recipe yet but now I finally have some decent pics, it’s on my to-do list!

All our bananas decided to go brown so there were a plethora of banana based recipes in June. As a result, I have heaps new recipes to share – here’s a pic of my latest obsession, Banana and Walnut Bread. I’m properly addicted!

I still wasn’t done with those brown bananas! I made another Banana and Carrot cake which is always a hit with friends and neighbours.

We spent most of the month moaning about the unseasonable weather and suddenly we were in the middle of a heatwave and wishing we had air con. You know it’s hot when I start making salad! It’s been a long time since I made my Fabulous Felafel Salad and we’d forgotten how much we loved it – here it is looking a bit naked before I put the tahini dressing on.

We have the most wonderful plant shop in town, Stamford Botanics. I love it for the plants, Teddy loves it for the treats. I was thrilled when Leonie, Chief Plant Lady got these coffee plants back in stock and had to make one of them mine. It looks right at home in our kitchen!

So tell me, did you have a delicious June? I can’t wait to hear the news from your kitchen!