David’s Steak with Smashed Peas

Steak with smashed peas

Serves 4

This simple but delicious dish of steak and smashed peas is David’s speciality a la maison and it has just four ingredients!

When I first met David he had a love of mushy peas and a hatred of brussel sprouts whereas I was the other way round, I loved a good brussel sprout but just thinking about mushy peas made me gag. Don’t you think it’s funny how our tastebuds change over time because sprouts seem to have grown on David (not literally!) and although mushy peas will never be my favourite, they’re not my food nemesis either!

Like our taste buds, this dish has evolved over time. We first made it with a pea puree but one day we got lazy and couldn’t be bothered to use the food processor or the Thermomix so we used the potato mashed to smash the peas instead. This turned out to be a very tasty tweak because we actually found we preferred the chunkier texture and have been serving the peas smashed rather than pureed ever since! Of course, if you prefer a smoother texture, I won’t stand in your way if you want to use a food processor or Thermomix to puree your peas!

If you’re not hung up on the four ingredients business, feel free to add some baby chat potatoes and some extra veggies for a great plate of yum.

Have your tastebuds changed over time? Do your favourite recipes evolve too?

Steak with smashed peas 2


4 beef scotch fillet steaks (600g)

1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh rosemary

500g (1 pound) frozen green peas

30g (1 ounce) butter (or margarine if on a low iodine diet)

Steak with smashed peas 3

How to

  1. Sprinkle beef with rosemary, season. Cook in heated oiled large frying pan or griddle pan over high heat or on the barbecue.
  2. Meanwhile, heat medium saucepan over high heat. Add peas, butter and 2 tablespoons of water. Bring to the boil, remove from heat. Smash peas with a potato masher for a chunky texture or process peas in food processor or in the Thermomix (2-3 seconds on speed 6) until almost smooth for a smoother texture. Season to taste.
  3. Serve smashed peas with steak.

 Other info

Prep Time and Cooking Time:  20 minutes

Steak with smashed peas 4