Sun-day Fun-day

This morning I’m all set to create some mango magic. Despite my best intentions to get creative with all those mangoes in the kitchen, they’ve been just too delicious to resist and I’ve single handedly munched my way through almost a whole box of them with absolutely no imagination! But today that’s all about to change and within minutes I’ve got my  Mango and Coconut Gelato chilling in the freezer. It’s going to be a welcome treat on a hot, summer’s evening!

We have a breakfast meeting with our friends Jim and Chrissy. It seems like I haven’t seen them for ages, even though the last time we hooked up for a beer was just before I got radioactive. It feels good to be out and about, hang out with friends and to eat iodine laden food. It’s a beautiful morning and we continue catching up at another café for coffee, and later, on the balcony, for beer and cheer. Remember, I‘ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jim and David are only one degree of separation away from a cold beer. And today’s no exception!

Chrissy is a blogger extraordinaire and has the most brilliant blog about all things hair – she really is the follicle oracle, there is nothing she doesn’t know! You really need to swing by her site and check out what’s going down at Hair Romance. When I grow up , I want to be a blogger like Chrissy – I can learn a lot from her! The weather takes a turn for the worse, and Jim and Chrissy make a hasty retreat before the rain sets in , and man, does it set in! It was like a monsoon! At least the balcony gets the well needed wash it so desperately needs! We stay warm and toasty indoors and I continue with gusto eating my way through my dietary wish list for the week. Tonight it’s Donna Hay’s Simple Beef Pie. This  culinary delight  is probably my best dinner in the world and without a doubt, David’s speciality a la maison. It’s the ultimate comfort food, and just like the recipe book, it comes from, fast, fresh and simple!

David and I are working like Trojans on the blog – I’m almost up to date with the content – what with all the word tsunamis, random ramblings and recipe round up and David’s got the site up and running! I’m so excited I could jive with a jelly baby. But I don’t of course. You’ve gotta love a new beginning…