The 3 P’s (Patience, Payout and Prawns)

Happy day!  Our travel insurance claim has been settled in full. This is a massive relief and the best we could have hoped for. Cancelling our holiday was a bitter pill to swallow, but knowing that we’re fully reimbursed, is a spoonful of sugar that helps that medicine go down! This now means, we don’t know exactly where and we don’t know exactly when, but there’s a holiday coming our way in the not too distant future! We reach another milestone and it’s one more reason to be cheerful.

We continue to eat our way through my iodine fest of a foody wish list. Today it’s Baked Prawns with Fetta – another firm favourite. I love this because it’s so fast, fresh and only has four ingredients! It’s so quick you can throw it together for a speedy supper and it’s pretty healthy too.

My lack of sleep is catching up with me and I cat yawn my way through the evening. I can’t tell if I’m more tired than usual because I’ve forgotten what “usual” is like. I know I’ve definitely got more energy than when I was running on empty right before my treatment, but I’m only half as full of beans as I used to be! Either I need to be more patient and wait for the Thryoxin to really kick in, or I need to up the dose!