Chicken Soup for the Soul

I weigh myself this morning and I’ve put on 4 kilos – so far! Aaaargh! It’s a struggle to get into my work pants! I thought the Thyroxin was going to make my metabolism work faster than the speed of light, instead I’m gaining weight faster than Garfield finds pizza! I’ll have to pick the Endo’s brains on Friday – my metabolism  is totally topsy turvy – how is it I’m eating less than usual and weighing  a whole heap more?

The positive feedback on the blog is coming thick and fast and the recipes are a real hit. It’s kinda cool to think that people all over the world are going to be cooking some of our tried and tested recipes!

I have an epiphany today. I realise that the medical mayhem is almost over for the time being. Once I see the Endo on Friday I’ll be done with the doctors, at least for a few months. The blog, then I guess, is a parallel for real life, it’s going to be less about Cancer and more about cooking and random ramblings about life on Planet Sam! We seem to have been riding a non-stop medical merry go round for the past six weeks but now we can get off, and get back to “normal” ( although I use the term loosely!) Without a doubt, we’ll be back on that medical merry go round in a few months but now’s not the time to think or worry about that, because we’re living for the moment!

For weeks after diagnosis, every day,  just for a split second when I woke up, as soon as I opened my eyes and my brain whirred into action, I’d be thinking “Crappers! I’ve still got Cancer!” I don’t know what I was expecting instead  – maybe that I would just wake up one day and the Cancer would magically disappear or maybe that it was all just a bad dream! I can’t say when or why, but that’s stopped happening. I actually forget I have Cancer and if I do consciously think about it, it’s probably because something or someone reminds me, I don’t have to remind myself! Maybe it’s just not that important to me anymore or I’ve just gotten so used to carrying me ole Cancer around. I guess it’s just another milestone. I’m aware that “the fear” can come back and bite me on the butt at anytime, but I’ll be ready and waiting to face it when it does!

It’s raining kangaroos and koalas in Sydney today  and it feels more like Winter than Summer. It’s really wet and wild. Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe it’s thinking about the blog and all those yummy recipes, but I feel compelled to cook some of Sandra’s Champion Chicken Soup. I’m like a dog with a bone, once I get an idea in my head, I just can’t get it out.

I guess this decision isn’t quite as impromptu as I’m making out. If the truth be told, the said soup has been top of my “Things to Make” list since Auntie sent me that chicken soup fest of a parcel a few weeks back. I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to get cracking with the soup and THIS IS IT!  I can eat iodine again, it’s cold and I have the ultimate chicken soup craving. Unfortunately, when I swing by the supermarket, I can’t remember all the ingredients but then the blog really comes into it’s own. It’s too easy to grab my iphone and check out the recipe at

The soup is so easy to prepare but very hard to resist. I’m trying to be patient and not consume most of the soup while it’s cooking but this is proving very difficult because two hours is a long time to wait and it smells so good.  (In case you’re wondering how  it  smells – like my Auntie’s house on a Friday night. Trust me, this is a wonderful whiff!)When my soup is ready to serve I throw in some Kneidlach  (out of the packet – fast and fabulous) and tuck in! Chicken soup for the soul! This recipe rocks! It tastes just like Auntie Sandra’s. The Kneidlach are divine too but I have to hold back, if I carry on eating those delicious dumplings, I’m going to start looking like one!