The Book Thief

Today my heart is stolen. By a book. Which is ironically called “The Book Thief.” It’s by a young Australian author called Marcus Zusak. It is another top tip from my psychologist. Her knowledge knows no bounds, in terms of how to read me… and good books! I’ve hardly been able to put it down since I started it, and I’ve been desperately wanting to finish it and not wanting it to end, all at the same time. As I reach the end, I am overcome with relief and regret (both because it’s over,)  and then, a huge wave of tears (it’s a total tearjerker.) I cry like a baby (just you read it, and try not to cry,)  and decide that I have to read it again. It’s just so good, it would be a travesty  to read it only once. It’s a must read and should be at the top of everyone’s To-Read list.

Heart stealing aside. It is a busy day in the kitchen. I want to try my hand at Almond Stars. I am doomed from the start and should know better. I am dangerous with dough and probably have the worst dough karma in the world. Today is no exception. My “dough” resembles crumble topping and I have to man handle it  into my Christmas cookie cutters. I can’t deny the results are tasty but they look at best, rustic, and at worst, like something out of Quartermass experiment! Undeterred, and determined to achieve something meaningful and more-ish out of the chaos I have created, I use my left over egg whites and make some Cranberry Chewies. These little beauties are easy to make, light to bite and never fail to disappoint, even on a day like today!

It’s hot and humid today and the sun has made a hasty retreat. Standing over a hot stove having a bake off probably isn’t my smartest idea to date. I slow roast my way through the afternoon, even my scar is feeling the heat. It looks red and it sure as hell feels angry! I can’t take the heat, so I get out of the kitchen and go for a red hot curry with Jane instead. Isn’t there a saying about fighting fire with fire?!