Five Grand!

“You were not sent into the world to do anything into which you cannot put your heart.”

–          John Ruskin

Guess what! It’s another massive milestone today! Five thousand hits at!  I’m seriously stoked and absolutely amazed. Who ever thought having Cancer would lead me into cyberspace via a huge mess in the kitchen, a reading on a Geiger counter and having a gland removed?!

Another great day at work and another busy day in the kitchen.  Today the think I can’t stop thinking is Donna Hay’s Peanut Butter and Almond Cookies. In fact I’ve been thinking about them since I first spied them looking  peanuty and oh-so-pretty  in her Christmas magazine. The best thing about her cookies is that they stay fresh and fabulous for up to a week and you can also freeze them! How cool is that? (Excuse the pun!) Although, I make another unholy mess, at least I manage to break the “Curse of the Cookie Dough;” it’s almost perfect. The cookies grow to giant proportions in the oven.   They’re like plus size peanut butter cookies now.  And… they look a bit black around the edges. My oven is fan forced but I think it’s more like fan fierce. It’s like a black hole, no matter how much I reduce the temperature or cooking time for recipes, everything emerges from it’s furnacey insides a bit burnt! Anyway, no point weeping over burnt biscuits, we’ve got friends coming for dinner tomorrow so I try to prep all the veggies and make my quick and easy Spicy Tomato Dip just to get one step ahead.

The Lokchen  Kugel disappears at work pretty quick. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I’m totally stoked that everyone loves it  and moreso, that I’ve expanded the Feeder Programme into the Admin department  (previously I’d only enrolled the help of hungry teachers!) On the other hand, however, I’m  dreadfully disappointed about the lack of left overs. That kugel is just my best! Still, I have to think of the calories I’ve saved myself and  on the plus side, it gives me reason and purpose to make another pud! Next time though, I’m going to try some thick noodles just for the thrill of it!  Watch this space!