Good News Tuesday

If I could buy you for what you think you’re worth and sell you for what you’re really worth – I’d make a fortune.”

–          Unknown

Today is Good News Tuesday. First things first, 6000 page views at! Yeeha!

If that wasn’t reason enough to be happy,  I manage to get up with the birds, and make it to my early morning  pump class. I think my gym is pretty unique. I can’t imagine there being another gym any place where the members queue around the block to get in at 6am! It’s all good!

I love holidays but  I love going back to work too. It’s so good to hang out with all my work buddies and get back in the swing of things. After work, I hot foot it over to see Kari and the kids. It’s my niece’s birthday today and she’s  5 and totally adorable. I can’t believe she is growing up so fast. Kari’s mum, Linda, is the Queen of Cakes and her offering today is no exception. It’s a skyscraping sponge and covered in the most more-ish meringues and little hearts. It really is a fitting cake for a princess. I am gripped by cake envy!

I come home and check the mailbox to find some Christmas cards from across the miles and a letter from the Endocrinologist. Now, that’s what I call a Good News Mailbox! I love it how the doctors down under send patients copies of all the correspondence they send to each other.  The letter outlines what we already know but I feel strangely comforted seeing it all written down in black and white, especially the bit where she explains that the post radioactive scan “did not show significant residual disease or any disease outside the neck.”  Yay! You gotta love a bit of good news.

The feeder programme is going great guns. Depsite looking like kitchen rejects, and having the potential to be teeth tormentors, those stained glass biscuits went down a treat at work! They may have looked ugly, but they tasted beautiful, or so my official taste testers tell me! Perhaps all it takes is a bit of practice, as I came home today and whipped up some more of those Chocolate Shortbread Stars and they came out corking.  Maybe the old adage is true, practice does make perfect!