The Medical Mile

“All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is all my own.”

–           Johann Van Goethe

I start the day with a smile and some home-baked-gift-giving. The first Christmas Cookie beneficiary is Wayne our caretaker. The guy is a legend and works like a trooper all year. This Christmas  he’s getting some Chocolate Shortbread Stars –  and I’ve got a batch to drop in at the Endo’s office later too to say a big thyroid Thank You. Giving just feels so good!

I’m back on the medical merry go round today and leave work early for my latest array of appointments. First stop is the pathology lab for a blood test to check on my thyroxin levels. Fingers crossed the endo will up my dose and I’ll finally have that Energiser Bunny feeling!

Next, I’m off to the dermatologist to check out some dodgy looking thing on my arm. I’m trying to keep an open mind as to the verdict but just like a third of those trusty musketeers, I’m “on guard.” It doesn’t do to be too complacent about what the doctor will say, and I’ve learnt that the hard way! The waiting room is a pretty depressing place to wait what with a never ending supply of patients coming hither and thither to have various parts of their anatomy sliced and lasered – it’s like skin cancer central. Never has there been a greater incentive to slap on the sunscreen!

The dermatologist is lovely and immediately gives me good news about aforementioned dodgy spot which turns out to not be dodgy at all. It has a long, unpronouncable name which I can’t recall and isn’t important anyway. Then she gives me the once over to see if I am harbouring anything else that might be conceived as pre cancerous…which I’m not!  I breathe a big sigh of relief!

It’s so lucky that I live in a medical mecca. I think the Pacific Highway (the main road,)  should be renamed “Medical Mile,”  today’s appointment is in the same building as the pathology lab and my old mate the ENT doctor! I don’t know about the doctors, it feels like I’m  the one doing the rounds these days!

I’m  home a tad earlier than usual because of the doctors and plan to spend my value added free time at the gym but the blood test lady said no heavy lifting which kind of scuppers my plans. I know I can go and do cardio but I’d much rather stay at home and have a baking bonanza instead.

We’re having a little gathering at work tomorrow for Romey’s Baby Shower – gee, I hope she’s not reading this – it’s supposed to be a surprise!  I have taken it upon myself to “cater” the event and tailor make the eats to Romey’s  egg free diet. I’m back into my trusty cookbook, A Generous Helping and kick off the kitchen creations with some Egg-Nut-and-Dairy-Free Cupcakes which to my surprise are light, fluffy and delicious. I knock up some Chocolate Butter Cream and chuck it in the fridge so I can take it tomorrow and decorate the cute cupcakes at work. Next it’s my old trusty favourite Chocolate Coconut Slice. So easy and quick to make and so yummy to eat! I finish off my trifecta of tea time treats with Ginger Slice which is easy as, and egg free! What a tasty trio tea-oh!