Sunday Fun Day

“You must give your own story to the world.”

–          Carter G Woodson

I wake up early and minus a hangover which is pretty miraculous on both counts, considering how much wine I drank and how late I went to bed last night! I even have enough energy to go out for an early morning run – it’s absolutely fabulous to be out in the sunshine. I so missed road running! I even manage to shave a few seconds off yesterday’s time!

It’s all go back at the ranch, I just have time to bake some biscuits (even more Chocolate Shortbread Stars,) before we head out to meet our friends  Adam and Leda, and Adam’s mum who’s visiting from the mother country. We have another epic breakfast and it’s great to catch up. And give cookies!

It’s all go, because, right after breakfast we head off to the mall to do some Christmas shopping which turns out to be quite a non event. I do however, cast my beady little eye over some Nigella Lawson and Donna Hay cookbooks. I hope David is good at getting hints! The prize purchases of the day are two fab frying pans which are oven safe – so they can pop right off the stove, into the oven! I’ve already got a whole heap of recipes I want to try out in my new cookware!

Shopping is hard work, even when you don’t buy so much so we take the weight off our feet and go and catch a movie at the flicks. It’s Puss In Boots  and it’s a big, fun, furball of a film. David comes under duress but I think he enjoys it. Secretly! I’m too tired to cook so we grab a quick bite at our local Thai. What a Sunday Funday!