The Chilli Jam Plan

“When the defining moment comes, either you define the movement or the moment defines you.”

“Tin Cup”

Yay! It’s Thursday! Personal Training Day! I’m out of bed with a hop, skip and a jump and am ready and waiting at the gym bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am! It’s great to see Kathy, catch up, throw a few weights around, sweat a few buckets and set some endorphins free. It’s the best way to start the day!

Work is busy but fun. Later, at home, there’s no time to waste as I’m on the last leg of the Christmas cookie-ing. Yes, you’ve guessed it – more Chocolate Shortbread Stars. It’s all go on the home front; wrapping gifts, washing, ironing, preparing the evening repast – Nigella, eat your heart out, I’m a domestic goddess! After what seems like days of gadding about on the razz, it’s nice just to have a night in!

I manage to multi-task and cook dinner and cookies at the same time. Tonight we feast on Chilli Jam Chicken and Cashews and it’s yummy. Cooking with only four ingredients saves tons of time and stacks of cash! However, the meal is not without it’s labours! While we are doing wonders in the wok, we have the “Battle of the Chilli Jam!” Try as we might, we can’t open our new “Smoking Hot Chilli Jam” that we got from the local providore markets in Jervis Bay. We try everything from “Tug of Jar” to “On the Pull” but that lid ain’t coming off that jar for nobody. So we forget the wild and go mild and have Tomato Chilli Jam instead. Sweet, not spicy, but still, very, very nicey!