Farewell Festive Feelings

Despite my alarm giving it’s best efforts there’s no way I can get out of bed for my run this morning. I sleep like a baby until 7 and drag myself out of bed positively sleep deprived.

It’s a great day. My belated Christmas present from David arrives; Nigella’s Christmas! I know it’s a bit late for 2011 but I’ve got a whole year to peruse and practice the recipes for 2012! Bring it on! I can’t wait to get stuck in!

I couldn’t let a day go by exercise free, so I manage to squeeze in an early evening Body Pump class which is like muscle magic. Tonight we eat Donna Hay’s Almond Roasted Chicken. It’s so simple, I prep most of the stuff before gym and then David pops it into the oven. It’s the perfect post workout dinner! We love it. It’s definitely going to make  a regular appearance on our weekday menu.

I’m a bit sad after dinner as it’s time to bid the Christmas Tree goodbye.  Being bare was bad enough, but now there’s just a big empty space in the living room. We’ve lost that festive feeling!