Boxing Clever

It’s Thursday which can only mean one thing! Kathy’s back from her well deserved holiday! I can’t wait to get stuck into my first personal training session of the year! Today, it’s all about the boxing. Love it! It’s the first time I’ve been boxing since my surgery and I love getting being back in gloves! It’s hardcore and I’m happy.

Not so happy when I stand on the scales for an annual review with Kathy. I’m nearly four kilos above my goal weight and 2 kilos heavier than when I first started training with her 18 months ago! How does that work? I’m busting my butt working out 6 times a week and haven’t lost a gram. Not only am I not losing weight, I’m consistenly putting it on! It has to be down to the drugs. Anyway whatever the reason, it’s just super frustrating.

I leave work early to go back to the hospital and pick up my freak-to-fly letter. It’s all good. That’s another thing to cross off my ever lengthening list of things-to-do! Yay! There’s no time to waste when I get home. It’s Simon’s birthday on Sunday so I’m going to take him a cake tomorrow. I’ve been itching to try Omi’s Traditional Almond Buttermilk Cake  from Another Generous Helping for a while now and I’ve never had a better excuse to give it a go. I hope it’s as easy on the tastebuds as it is to make! The cake is quite light as there’s no butter or oil in it, although the topping is positively artery hardening!  Anyways, I’ve got some buttermilk left over and am keen to put it to good use. I look for a recipe and it’s Women’s Weekly to the rescue. I find a recipe for Mixed Berry Buttermilk Muffins which I throw together in a flash even though I haven’t got mixed berries, just blue ones.

The oven has been on so long now the kitchen is now like a sauna but undeterred, I carry on, keep calm and chuck the dinner in. Tonight it’s Toad in the Hole. It’s a sizzler of a day outside so a big, hot, hearty meal probably isn’t the smartest move. But it’s so tasty we just sweat it out and suck it up!