The Coiled Spring

I’m up early and out pounding the pavement. Another 5km in the bag. Yay!

I’ve been feeling uber anxious the past couple of days and my insides feel like a coiled spring. What’s more frustrating is that I don’t really know why. Maybe I’m just super tired but whatever the reason, I’m super crabby! Anyway, I have a first rate wind down after work with a remedial massage with the lovely Kerren. I’m flat out on my back for an hour and a half but it feels like five minutes. I’m so sorry that it’s over! By the time I leave her place, I’m feeling so laid back I’m almost horizontal.

Still, I get a good stretch on the long walk home and as it’s wet weather, football is cancelled and David’s in residence. This is such a treat for a Wednesday night. The outlaws are having a getaway on the Sunshine Coast so we’re home alone and being severly slack with supper. Tonight it’s Freezer Surprise. aka something batch cooked and stashed in the freezer for good measure. We have no idea what it is until we reheat it in the microwave. It turns out to be Mexican Lamb Shanks and it’s just as yummy as we remember it.

I can wait no longer. Tonight’s the night! I can’t wait to make my Choc, Coconut and Cranberry No-Bake Slice. It’s super easy to make and sheer heaven to eat. WARNING: It’s highly addictive!

We make constructive use of our  down time;  vegging on the sofa and catching up on all the episodes we’ve missed of Biggest Loser. I’ve watched the American and British versions of this programme but the Antipodean version is far and away the best of the bunch (not that I’m biased!) It’s a Biggest Loser-thon and I love it!