No pain, no gain!

It’s  been two weeks since I last trained with Kathy, and she is set to train me two times as hard and I hurt two times as much! It’s fun but full on and I walk home with a pair of jelly legs! Still, I tell myself that pain is weakness leaving the body, (it’s the Commando from Biggest Loser’s mantra so it must be true!) and working on that theory, I’m as strong as an ox!

I power on through the day which is super busy but lots of fun. My students do presentations and I admire their balls of steel. They all do a grand job and I hope they’re all as proud of themselves, as I am of them.

Back at home, it’s fast and furious in the kitchen. After a quick stop at the shops for last minute ingredients I get started on some Mega Choc-Chip Cookies. This is the first time I’ve used this recipe and I love it because it’s simple and the cookies are scrumptious. They’re big, chewy and best of all, they are freezer friendly. So in the unlikely event they don’t get eaten, they can be enjoyed some time in the future. Mega indeed!

It’s stir fry for dinner tonight. I love stir fries but although they’re quick to cook, I find the preparation totally time consuming. I check the recipe and to my horror, realise I am meant to marinate the chook for my Teriyaki Chicken  for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight! Aaargh! I only have an hour to spare so I chuck it in the fridge and hope for the best! Luckily, all’s well that ends well and it turns out to be a delicious dinner. David and I have really got out of the habit of stir frying but this is one dish that we’ll definitely be trying again!

For dessert, I want to try out Donna Hay’s Oven Puff with Blueberries. It’s basically a super sized sweet yorkshire pudding but it rises sky high and looks fabulous. So simple and yet so tasty. David says it is different but delicious and likes it enough to eat it again which is about as good a seal of approval as it’s going to get!

It takes a while to restore the kitchen to it’s former splendour and glory and by the time it’s done, I’m done in! Time to get me some quality zzzs!