Go Bananas!

Monday springs into action with Kathy’s Basic Training Class. Heaven knows this is a well needed workout after all the weekends excesses. I can feel all the beer wobbling along with me as I sweat my way round the circuits!

Today there’s a bit of a role reversal going on with the Feeder Programme. Someone brings treats for me! I could get really used to this! Paula shares some of her  Moist and Healthy Banana Bread. It’s really scrumptious, and I love the nutty flavour. I love that it’s got lots of LSA (Linseed, Sunflower Seeds and Almonds) which although not  lower in calories, is a whole heap more nutritious! I might have to try it out for myself! One slice is never enough!

Work is mad busy but I manage to pop out at lunchtime and meet David and my lovely sister-in-law Kari (aka travel agent extraordinaire) which is quite a treat. On my way home from the shops I bump into Jane and Shannon who bob over for a drink to say G’day. A most welcome meeting! It’s  just those little things that can really put the cherry on the top of your cake of a day!

It’s a busy night in the kitchen. I have a bit of a panic at the supermarket as I can’t find any plum sauce which is supper’s star ingredient! Luckily David saves the day and finds it in a shop on his way home, so we won’t go hungry tonight after all! For supper, I serve up Donna Hay’s scrumptious Sticky Chicken Parcels with some steamed rice and a few extra stir fry veggies on the side. It’s quick, delicious and pretty healthy too. We’d definitely eat it again. Cooking in parcels brings up top tucker every time! It’s super healthy too!

Bryan loves Turkish Delight and as Maureen is on an almost flour free diet, tonight’s dessert  Turkish Delight Sundae will tickle everyone’s fancy. It’s fast and fabulous and it’s another one of those fabulous four ingredients recipes. It looks so pretty and tastes a treat too. It’s the perfect pudding for a hot summer night!