A Night at the Opera (House)

In my efforts to get a healthy supply of quality zzzs, I give the gym a miss this morning because it will be a late night tonight, so I have a bit of a lie in. It’s my virgin voyage to the Opera House and I’m so excited I just can’t hide it. But first I have a day of work to attend to!

Despite my best efforts to savour the day at a leisurely pace, it just flies by, and after work I rush off for a bit of retail therapy. I run wild in the homewares department and get a few gifts  for others and splash out on some stemless cocktail glasses for myself. I’ve got friends coming for dinner on Friday and I’m going all retro with Tropical Prawn Cocktail  for entree, so, these glasses will at least allow me to serve my starter in style.

David and I grab a quick dinner at Wagamama’s before heading off to the Harbour. The Queen Elizabeth is in town and what a spectacular beast she is! She’s massive and totally magnificent! I’ve obviously been to the Opera House for random photo opportunities and have seen shows in some of it’s studios, but this is the first time I’ve ever been inside the hallowed ground, that is the Concert Hall. Tonight I’m stoked to see the oh-so-talented Ryan Adams. Don’t confuse him with Bryan with-the-same-last-name; this guy is way cooler and the King of Alternative/Country Rock. We’ve got amazing seats inside in a box with the whole hall laid magnificently below us.

The views from the bar and mezzanine are beautiful and breathtaking. Ah, I love this city. As the sunsets, Sydneylooks especially spectacular glittering and twinkling into the night. We grab a drink in the interval and stand and stare at the city resplendent before us. This is a moment I savour now, and will remember forever. It’s so good to live in the moment.

It is a late night but Ryan rocks out and I  love it. Sure, I’m tired, but who cares? I’m happy!