The Mad Monsoon

There’s a monsoon this morning and the rain is my alarm clock naturel. It’s raining cats, dogs and a whole pet zoo out there. I make a dash for the gym and in the couple of minutes it takes me to get there,  I am literally dripping wet! I hope the wet looks is in this year! As it is, I sweat so much in pump class that at the end, I’m a dubious mix of rainwater and sweat. What a soggy Sam!

It’s still really rainy when I leave for work, and so chilly that I actually have to wear a coat! Haven’t done that for a while! My umbrella is almost useless but I keep it up anyway, just for appearances! The Queen Mary II is docked in the harbour; it’s hard to miss, it being such a massive beast and all, but it’s raining so hard, as I travel over the bridge, I can hardly see it! This is wild weather – even by Sydney standards.

Fortunately, the weather improves with time, and after work, the mini monsoon is just a distant memory! I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, with a baby shower, a 30th party AND a brunch! It’s all happening here! I’m trying to keep one step ahead of the preparation for the festivities … so I start by making and baking some Double Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies  and while they’re doing their thang in the  oven, I come over all seasonal and mix up some of those yummy Kiwifruit and Rockmelon Pops; my favourite frozen and guilt free treats!

Once the brownies are baked to perfection, I get started on dinner’s delights. True to my word, I’m making good use of my seemingly endless supply of dukkah, and serve up Dukkah-Crusted Chicken and Chips. It’s really yummy, like schnitzel, but better! We’re full to the brim, but David kindly finds some belly room to taste test the brownies and gives them a DD (Decadent and Delicious) rating!

I just have time to catch up on all the Biggest Loser episodes I missed and vegetate on the sofa before I hit the sack on time – tonight I’m totally in sync with my sleep schedule and  can look forward to the full eight hours! Bring it on!