A Fantastic Friday

Well yesterday was as wet as an otter’s pocket, today is dry as a bone, which is mighty lucky as Tracey and I have another early morning running date. It’s black as night when I go out to get Trace, and today we’re killing it! We do twice our usual distance clocking up an excellent eight kilometres! Yay! We’re pumped. By the time I’m home, the sun and I are both fully wide awake! This is such an awesome start to my day!

It’s a scorcher today with the mercury topping 26 degrees and the city is bathed in glorious sunshine. But that’s not the best bit of news! Today, I can get out of the office and enjoy the wonderful weather, because… it’s excursion day! This auspicious event happens once every three months, when the students head off with teachers to Sydney’s top spots and attractions. The teacher’s destination is determined by names being picked out of a hat and this is always a great cause of anxiety for me. I’m such a control freak, the thought of not knowing where I’m going until the day before, and then, having no control of how to choose where I’m going is enough to cause a near meltdown! Still, it’s no drama, because today I am off to the zoo!

We herd our little posse of students to the ferry and get a lovely little seat outside on the deck. Only to be told that the ferry has a problem and we have to disembark and get another. The other ferry is on the other side of the wharf and is promptly packed with the passengers who tried to get on our ferry and failed! Luckily, the students are a very chilled out bunch and after a short wait another ferry comes to our rescue!

At the zoo we take a gondola to the top, where we have sky high views of the Sydney skyline which is looking absolutely stunning today. Once inside, we let the students loose, and my colleagues and I retire to the cafe for a coffee in the sunshine! After, years of being a primary school teacher and enduring numerous high-stress excursions, it’s such a pleasure to take adults out for the day. They just entertain themselves! It’s just like magic! And I love it!

I have to be honest, this is about my third or fourth visit to the zoo in a 2 year period and I’m a bit over it now! Taronga Zoo is vast and in this heat, and after that run, I have little desire to walk all the way round. I do take a peek at the giraffes and the cafe is conveniently located opposite the baby elephants, who just so happen to be my personal favourite! After a short stroll, it’s time for us teachers to leave the students to their animal adventures and head back to the city.

Today’s flexible schedule means I get to hang out with David for an impromptu lunch and run a couple of errands. I’m just about to head back to work when I see one of those el cheapo book stalls with a set of Donna Hay’s Modern Classics Books 1 and 2 on special. I tell myself “Step away, from the book stall,” more than once, but I just can’t. I’m drawn to those books like a magnet. I’m completely out of control. I have to have those books! I feel like a drug addict needing a fix. It’s such a rush! I take a sneak peek inside when I get back to the office and I almost spontaneously combust from the excitement. Such yummy recipes! However will I decide what to make first?

I find a couple of minutes to  pop out and feed the homeless guy on the corner. Yesterday, I dropped him off some of the Anzac Slice with Golden Icing but he wasn’t there. His bag just marked his spot on the pavement so I left the sweet treats on his bag. Today I can deliver his Double Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies in person and in time,  because it looks like he’s just got a cup of coffee. I share a few of the brownies with my mate Jim, who, because of his role as senior teacher doesn’t get to go on excursions. I’m thinking maybe the brownie will somehow compensate for his incarceration. He has taste tested all my brownies so far, and says these are the best yet! There’s nothing better than a satisfied customer!

After work, I hurry home to make some Cheesy Quinoa Bites for the baby shower tomorrow before getting ready for our dinner date with Tracey and Nick. This is a bit of a bonus, because today I get to see Tracey at the start, and at the end, of my day! They’ve never been to Safi which has to be one of our all-time favourite eating places in Sydney. We have a Lebanese feast fit for an entire royal family and luckily, Tracey and Nick love it. It’s a great evening and the perfect end to a fabulous Friday. Hooray for the weekend!