Babies, birthday and bonhomie!

My body clock is just too tuned! I wake up way too early and despite my best efforts, I just can’t go back to sleep! Bah! Never mind, no point crying over lost sleep, so I hop out of the bed, into the kitchen and make the most of the morning.

I finally get to make some of Paula’s Healthy Banana Bread to take to Ryan and Kari’s tomorrow and I even have enough time to try out a delicious new recipe for Roast Pumpkin and Chilli Soup which is absolutely fabulous. Not quite as healthy as my regular Weight Watchers version, but it’s infinitely more delicious!

Mid morning I head off to the park, and David heads off to the pub for Adam and Leda’s Baby Shower. The boys are in training for the head wetting at the boat club and the girls are having a picnic in the park next to the water. Leda’s friend Kat, does an amazing job of putting together the power of all baby showers. I’m a Baby Shower virgin but this first one, is just totally fabulous. The picnic food is to die for – Leda makes some pregnancy friendly Spinach and Yoghurt Byreks, Kat’s sister makes some killer cup cakes, Kat’s mum makes melt in the mouth Asparagus Dip, and I throw my Cheesy Quinoa Bites  and Double Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies into the mix. There’s also fresh fruit, super sandwiches, damper and dips and a plethora of tempting nibbles. It’s so dangerous for my diet! We have a cool couple of hours; hanging out, playing games, feasting and even take some time to check out the awesome community garden, which is home to a vast array of fresh herbs and veggies and eeek! some outsize spiders! Five trillion calories or four beers later (me/David) the parties are all over, red rover and we get down to the business of going for the groceries. On the way we pass Aldi and I can’t resist a sneak peek inside. I’m so sad, I really like looking round supermarkets for fun! They have a special offer on loaf cake carriers so of course, I have to buy one! This is the perfect vessel in which to transport my healthy banana bread tomorrow!

It seems that the buses are on diversion, and we get talking to a lady who turns out to be the admin person at Weight Watchers. I am on my best behaviour and go on the charm offensive  in the hope that she will look upon me favourably when I tip the scales next week!

We have a few hours at home to refuel and recharge before we head off for our second Saturday celebration. This time we’re off to the pub for Pippa’s 30th birthday. We sit out in the massive beer garden, and there’s lots of beer, cheer and fun with friends. It’s a great night. Wow! What a super Saturday!