I sleep a full eight hours and wake up feeling all the better for it. Still, there’s no time for an extra-luxurious lie-in as we have a brunch date at Ryan and Kari’s. We never need our arms twisted when bagels and smoked salmon are mentioned in the same sentence!

We feast on bagels, salmon, cream cheese and the most perfect pickles and have a jolly good catch up. It’s especially nice to see our little  niece and nephew – it hasn’t been so long since we saw them last, but, boy are they growing up fast!

We’re back home with time to spare, and find some time to battle the bulge at the gym. I make it to the afternoon pump class and love it. I get a great spot in front of the mirror so I spend most of the hour admiring my marvellous muscles!

I dont’ know if it’s the heat, old age or our action packed social calendar but we’re both cream crackered! Luckily, we have a doddle of  a dinner today, Donna Hay’s Roasted Fish in White  Wine with Olives, which can just be chucked in the oven. In an effort to perfect the art of couscous, I throw together some Spinach Couscous, which it turns out, is surplus to requirements, the fish dish is more than enough on it’s own. It’s simple, but totally delicious. Good old Donna Hay, she does it again!