Training and Raining

I snooze like Sleeping Beauty and only the joy of Basic Training can lure me out of my slumber. BT is hard and it hurts, but after a few weeks BT free, I’d truly forgotten how fun it feels! It is great to be back. We have a new instructor, and although she is no Kathy or Craig, she does the job nicely. I come home sweaty, satisfied and set up for the day!

I’m bursting with energy and leap into action in the kitchen with some Pumpkin and Ginger Tea Cake.  Once again, I get everything out of proportion and stick  to the recipe like super glue, so I have way too much mixture for the specified tin. I chuck it all in regardless and hope for the best. In retrospect, I should have just acted with more haste and less speed and gone for the bigger tin. As it is, mine is high rise, curiously crusty and more-ishly moist. I think it’s pretty healthy, as it is after all made of vegetables, but then I work out the Weight Watchers points and nearly have a heart attack! Delicious it is. Healthy it’s not!

Today is batch cook day and I’m on a freezer friendly mission. I make a big batch of  iodine free Spaghetti Bolognaise. It’s such a cooking cliche but we just can’t help ourselves, it’s still one of our favourite dinners! I love it when there is a secret stash in the freezer and as this batch is iodine free, it will keep us going until my scan, if it lasts that long!

David and I both experience a rush of productivity and cross of lots of things that have been hanging around on our To-Do lists. David changes all the lightbulbs and cleans all the light shades to the extent that everywhere is looking so splendid and sparkly that we almost have to wear sunglasses around the apartment!

All that activity has worked up quite a thirst so I get a bee in my bonnet about making something healthy and refreshing. This means I finally get to  dust off my mum’s smoothie maker. To my shame, she gave this to me about four years ago and this is the first time I’ve used it! I bought a whole watermelon in the week and man, it’s humungous! It’s so big, I can hardly lift it and it’s still got the stalk on! It’s time to make this watermelon work so I get busy and quench our thirsts with a Watermelon Refresher. Perfect! Healthy and delicous! David gets 3 of his 5 (fruit and veggies) a day – all in one glass!

I’m not sitting on my laurels either, I clean the bin which is getting so manky, it could be condemned and drop a line to Run Disney to make enquiries about my half marathon prospects. I’m totally chuffed because these are two things I’ve been wanting to do for ages, and now that they’re done, I feel seriously satisfied.

The afternoon flies by with a flurry of telly watching and lots of loafing and then we’re off across town to Aki‘s, Sydney’s only hatted Indian restaurant. We’ve been there once before in the days BC (Before Cancer) and loved it! The head chef was on the first series of Aussie Masterchef and we were dazzled by his dishes, on TV and, at the restaurant. Today we have one of  those internet discount vouchers and stuff our faces with a three course feast! The setting is beautiful, right on the water at Woolloomooloo Wharf but the weather is pants, which kind of spoils the scenery. We decide to ditch our after dinner drink plans due to inclement weather and head home for a nice cup of tea instead!