Maison Mummy

I sleep long, hard and deliriously deeply! There’s nothing like a bit of jet lag to guarantee a good night’s sleep! I’m too excited to lie in for long, I’m off to my mum’s today! Yay!

Taking the tube and navigating Kings Cross Station is all a bit of an adventure, I feel like a total tourist! My mum has lived in France since 2005 and has only recently moved back to the mother country. Her place in France was fabulous but far out and the journey there was quite a mission. It’s such a relief that she’s back on British terra firma and even better, her new home is in Lincoln, and is conveniently located between London and David’s rellos. The train journey is a real treat and before I know it, I reach my final desitnation!

Mummy is there to meet me and we have a big long-overdue hug and then we’re off in the car to check out her new digs! Her house in France was lovely but the bungalow in Blighty is even better. It’s the perfect maison for mummy – a beautiful bungalow in a lovely locality. And if all that weren’t reasons enough to be happy, the sun is shining!

After a light lunch we potter around and chill out for the afternoon. Later, I take a walk around the block to the local Sainsburys supermarket which is apparently the biggest one in Europe. I don’t know about the biggest in Europe but it’s certainly the biggest one I’ve ever been in, and walking up and down the aisles trying to collect my meagre provisions is like walking a mini marathon! I’m thinking I can kill off the calories I’m about to consume!

Mum’s kitchen is big and brilliant so I can’t wait to get busy and create some chaos. I start off with something simple and make some Low-Fat Hummus with some leftover chickpeas – it’s a super yum and healthy snack. Mum cooks a tasty fish dinner which I walk off with the dog while checking out the neighbourhood. I think all the travelling and excitement is catching up with me! I’m pooped!