Lost in Lincoln!


While mother takes the dog for a walk, I prepare tonight’s dinner which comes courtesy of the slow cooker. I’m recycling lots of recipes from the blog chez maman – I just pop the computer on the counter and there’s my virtual recipe book! It’s pretty neat! Tonight we’re eating Slow Cooker Chicken Braised with Red Cabbage. I love the slow cooker, I get all the hard yakka done and make all the mess in the morning, so all I have to do tonight is dish up dinner!


Once the dinner is on, we’re off to possibly the biggest B and Q in the world. This is the daddy of all DIY stores and we gather some bits for my mum’s garden. I have the pleasure of lifting big bags of sand and a whole heap of paving stones in and out of the trolley – so that’s my strength workout for the day. Who needs body pump when you have the garden centre?


When the car is full of garden supplies, we go to another sofa store, where my mum falls in love with a sofa, the salesman falls in love with the dog, and the dog falls in love with a rug, so much so that he falls sound asleep upon it! So, while the staff ply us with free tea and coffee, my mum settles on the sofa which is really tasty and arriving next week. Very exciting!


I go out for a late afternoon run, which is a 4.5km circuit. I’m far too proud to take David’s directions and as a result, accidentally take a very long detour and get fabulously lost. I must have run round half of Lincoln or that’s how it seems and my half hour jog turns into a one hour marathon! I throw in the towel when I realise I’m on the wrong track and walk and run in intervals. Still, alls well that ends well, and I make it home, just a lot later than I expected.


I just have time to walk the dog and have some dinner before I make the fatal discovery of my mum’s toffee tin. This could be a double disaster; both for my dentist and my diet!