Pyjama Princess

The weather is wild! It’s blowing a gale, raining cats and dogs and it’s freezing! I’m counting us lucky, there’s blizzards in some parts! In England, they call this season Spring. Go figure!

Poor David has to travel in this – he’s heading up North to his mama’s. He is despatched to the station in a taxi; it’s too dangerous to drive and way too cold to venture out unless absolutely necessary.

Just looking outside makes me feel cold. I’m not going anywhere outside today so I stay in, in my pyjamas, all day long. I read, blog and watch a lot of terrible TV.

I’m getting excited about the Mothers Day Classic – an 8km run to raise funds for Breast Cancer – which is just over a month away. I get a MDC newsletter in my inbox full of interesting info and an inspirational story about a Melbourne mother who is taking part in her first MDC a month after chemo and the day before she starts radiotherapy. She sums it all up, when she says “cancer has been a blessing. It made me realise I was wasting the potential in my life. Life is so much more important than the value we typically give it.” She takes the words right out of my mouth! Her courage and strength amaze me!

Mum makes one of the recipes from my new Good Food Magazine for dinner; Oriental Pork Balls in Hoisin Broth. It’s so yummy and perfect for a nippy night such as this! David will be sorry he missed it!