Sub Zero to Sun

Hooray! The sun has got his hat on and he’s out to play. It feels  freezing but it looks sunny, so I’ll settle for that. I take advantage of the dry weather and head out for a trot round the block. It feels fab in the sunshine but not nearly as wonderful in the wild wind!

Later, my mum braves the Easter rush at the supermarket while the dog and I stand guard and wait for the sofa to be delivered. It finally arrives at 4pm (so much for the 11 and 2 delivery slot!) and it’s quite a mission to get it in. There’s a crappy moment when the guys step in one of the dog’s deposits along the garden path, and the sofa bag is covered in poo! It catches my eye just before it makes contact with the new carpet! It’s what the sofa guy calls “a shitty thing to happen” and we all have a bit of a laugh. Whatever you say about my mum’s pooch, his toilet timing is priceless!

Tonight I make Crisp Skinned Fish with Mustard Butter  for,  my mum who  says it’s the best meal she’s had since I’ve been here and she likes it so much she wants it again tomorrow! I’m not a big fan of repeat repasts so I twist her arm and entice her with a change of menu for tomorrow.

There’s just time to walk the dog, give him a wash and blow dry before trying out that new sofa!