The Biggest Snoozer

After all that extended weekend sleeping, I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5am! I try my hardest to catch an extra hour of quality zzzzs but it’s just not happening. Rather than stress about my lack of sleep, I decide to put more of my morning to good use.

My body still feels like it’s been run over by a road train from Saturday’s pump encounter but I’m not about to give in to some old, aching muscles! I’m going out to pound the pavement. There’s only 3 sleeps til I Run the Night and I’m well out of shape! I boldly venture into the dark to run the streets of Sydney. It’s strangely liberating and I love it like this, no cars, just me, some other runners and my trusty ipod. I can’t say it’s easy, after all, I’m carrying around about 3 kilos of Venetian food and drink on my torso, but it is enjoyable. If you’re into sado-masochism! It’s not my personal best but it’s not a terrible time either, it’s just a run for fun.

It makes for a great start to the week. My endorphins run amock all day long. My merry little band of students (with a grand total of 7) are a happy little bunch and their enthusiasm is infectious. It’s just an absolute pleasure to be back in the world of work.

I rush home to throw the dinner in the slow cooker. The Potato, Chorizo and Barramundi One Pot  does cook slowly but not for long! What’s more, it’s a doddle to prepare and  delicious to eat. I love the combination of fish and chorizo in any form, it’s a total taste explosion. I’m keen to try out the Hedgehog Slice  for Thursday’s Cancer Council Tea, as I’m already creating chaos in the kitchen. In for a penny, in for a pound! The slice is made in minutes and looks and smells divine. I so cannot wait for it to set! I can’t help but keep looking in the fridge and checking on it’s progress. I kill time by catching up on old Biggest Loser episodes and promptly fall asleep on the sofa! Sofa sleeping is usually David’s domain!

I wake up long enough to cut into the slice and gave it a bit of a taste test! Man, it’s good! I’m sure it’s not a good idea to eat chocolate before bed, but I’m sure to have sweet dreams!