The Angry Oven

David is uncharacteristically up at the crack of dawn but only because he can’t bear to miss the Manchester derby. As I have been rudely awakened, I feel I should put my time to good use and have one last training trot around the block before I run the night on Thursday.

I still feel my pump pain, but that’s nothing compared to David’s heart break when Manchester City defeat Manchester United. The sun may be shining outside, but indoors, it’s a dark, dark day! Being married is all about sharing. I share David’s money, his food, his worldly knowledge and today, I share his pain. Then… I remember that pain is temporary, and that so is the football season;  soon it will all be over red rover and we can watch something other than soccer on TV! Now, there’s a reason to be cheerful!

I’m feeling pretty chipper and have a great day at work. I race home to get busy baking my Banana and Carrot Cake for Thursday’s Biggest Morning Tea. I get the oven on, weigh out the essentials and then realise I haven’t got any sunflower oil. Aarrgh!  I’m pretty peeved that I have to  hop on back to the shops but suddenly think of all the surplus calories I’m burning. Every cloud really does have a silver lining! My oven is really angry these days and my cake seems like it’s been on a tanning machine within a quarter of the cooking time. I’m starting to have a confidence crisis with all my burnt baking. My oven is not my friend! I cover the cake with foil and hope for the best. Maybe no one will be able to taste the burnt bits when it’s laced with cream cheese icing! I’ll just have to hope everyone is too hungry to notice my burnt bake and hope for the best!

Meanwhile, I’m determinedly ploughing my way through my Good Food Slow Cooker Book and tonight, attempt the Spiced Carrot and Lentil Soup. It fills the house with a scrumptious spicy smell and it comes out big and hearty in both taste and texture. I love it! It freezes well, so I make a double batch to keep me in healthy lunches for the foreseeable future!

Cake is cooked. Soup is slow cooking. Then there’s the matter of dinner to attend to. I painstakingly prepare the Caesar Turkey Burgers which are cooked to perfection but David and I get our wires crossed and he hasn’t even left work, when dinner is served. It’s super late so I eat mine anyway and he tucks in on his return. Even though his burger is stone cold, he loves it. As burgers go, it’s certainly one of  the tastiest to top our table!

It’s been a busy night in the kitchen. Time for tea and TV!