The night before I run the night

I cannot wake up. There’s a will but there’s just no way. I leave the alarm to bleep until as late as possible before I face the inevitable, and another new day. The morning is passes me by in a sleep infused haze.

That Spiced Carrot and Lentil Soup puts a spring in my step and kicks my afternoon into action and I have a sudden burst of energy which is just as well as I have a busy evening ahead in the kitchen preparing for our  Biggest Morning Tea. It’s tomorrow!

First up, I get busy with the Top Banana Fairy Cakes which have to be the easiest cakes to bake in the world, and if I say so myself they taste delicious! I don’t usually try my home baked temptations, but as David is out at football, I have no choice but to taste test them myself! Of course, I have my usual run-in,  literally, with the icing, it is far too floppy and as a result, the cakes are rather rustic, than perfectly professional!

Next up it’s the Anzac Blondies. Melting the butter and chocolate drops is a bit tricky. In fact the first attempt is a total disaster, so it is second time lucky. My oven continues to rage a war on my baked goods, these blondies are brunette in  minutes!

The big bake is over and the kitchen is cleared in record time. Usually I eat simple suppers when David is at football to save time and calories but as I’m running the night tomorrow I figure, high carb and high protein is order of the day! I push the boat out with Lemon Spaghetti with Tuna and Broccoli  which is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. The flavours are fabulous and I keep the calories down by omitting the oil.  I don’t want an oil overdose!

Then it’s time to  pack my race bag…  I love Race Eve – it always feel like the night before Christmas! Tonight is no exception. I’m almost too excited to sleep!