Let the Countdown Begin!

Hello, Thursday! It’s Thursday with bells on because I’m back in training with the one and only Kathy Johnsun! Oh yeah! There’s weights, lunges, medicine balls and various instruments of torture. How I’ve missed this! Pain is good!

The Feeder Programme bursts into action in the arvo when I take my counsellor some of that yummy Hedgehog Slice. It’s good to touch base with her and take some time to look at life like I’m on the outside looking in. I can see that living life in the fast lane is starting to slow me down and that I’m really feeling frazzled. Serious sleep and down time are the order of the day! I’m on to it!

We spend some time thinking about the impending scan. It will be one month away tomorrow. The countdown begins! I’m not going to waste time or energy worrying about the results,  I’ve learnt the hard way, you can’t control Cancer! It’s futile to stress about something I can’t control! That being said, I can’t wait for it to be over and to know what I’m dealing with. Once we know the results, good or bad, we can get into gear and plan accordingly.

Cancer has taught me to be spontaneous and live for the moment. I can’t control everything in my life, and, certainly not this disease, but I can take responsibility, positive action and make good choices. I’ve accepted the fact that  for the foreseeable future, my life is essentially a series of chapters organised around scans and treatments. I’m just coming to the end of one of these chapters or cycles and waiting for a new one to begin. It’s sounds quite exciting when I think of it like that!

My rest and relaxation goes on hold while I create a Cherry and Almond Cake for Jim and Aaron’s birthday tomorrow. It’s actually their birthdays on Saturday, but we won’t be at work then, and cakes were made for sharing. It’s time to get busy with the Feeder Programme! I’ve made so much mess, I may aswell make some more, so chuck together the super scrumptious Chocolate Pecan Slice, one bowl one-derful! We’ve got friends coming for dinner on Monday night, so this will be the perfect coffee companion. If we don’t eat it, it will keep up to a month in the fridge… as if it will survive that long in our fridge without being eaten!

It’s Sausages with Red Cabbage for dinner. David is the Sausage King in our house, and as I’m home alone, I manage to incinerate them while I take charge of the frying pan while I wait for him to come home from work! At least I know the smoke alarm works!