Sick Saturday

I want to sleep but I wake up early. Despite my best efforts, I can’t return to the land of nod! So, I get up and go to pump instead. David wakes up full of flu and I come home just in time, to save him from drowning in his own self pity! I don’t feel quite the ticket either and have a heavy headache brewing. However, it’s race day tomorrow and I have to prepare my power food,Katie’s Chocolate Apricots. These are dangerously addictive but seriously simple to prepare. They take only minutes to make. The problem is that they are so more-ish, I might eat them all by tomorrow!

We pop out to the shops thinking the fresh air will do us good but it doesn’t. However, I do acquire a set of baking tins that can be used to make any number and letter. How cool is that? It makes the chore of grocery shopping a little easier to bear!

Back at the ranch, I chuck together some of Renee’s Potato and Leek  Soup.  Renee posted a photo of it on facebook during the week, and it looked so delicious I just had  to have the recipe. I figure something hot and wholesome will do us both the world of good. I feel a bit better just looking at it!

Neither of us is really good for anything. I collapse on the sofa and finally get to watch the DVD of Marley and Me that my lovely sister-in-law gave me when I was in England. This is the first time I’ve sat down on the sofa long enough to watch it! The book is better by far, but the film is still fabulous. Of course, I cry like a baby, better out than in, I agree, but all that sobbing doesn’t really help my headache.

Our maladies have wrecked havoc with our social calendar this weekend. We have to pass up on the party we are due to attend this evening and I so hate to miss out! However, I’m determined to run in the Mothers Day Classic tomorrow, so am trying to rack up some rest.

For dinner, I want to carb load and David wants to comfort eat so we compromise with health and heartiness. The Crunchy Fish Fingers are dead easy to prepare and taste great. They tick all the boxes. After that, there’s just time for a bit of TV before I retire. I’ve got an early start tomorrow and I need all the sleep I can get!