Iodine Free-der

Just because I’m eating iodine free, doesn’t mean everyone else has to! The Feeder Programme rockets into action when I share the Apple and Raspberry Muffins at work and to my great surprise, there’s a lot of loving for those muffins. There’s no better way to start your Monday than with a muffin, that’s what I say! Of course, I’m weight watching and iodine free, so no muffins for me, instead I treat myself to forty five minutes of paining at Basic Training. I don’t need muffins, I’m getting me some muscles!

Tonight it’s iodine free Spaghetti Bolognaise straight from the freezer. Here’s some I prepared earlier! After dinner I get to go surfing. While I read round quinoa, I stumble upon the awesome blog that is Stone soup full of delicious dishes, most with 5 ingredients or less, and lots that are iodine free! Yeeha!