The Last Day of Iodine

Sunday starts with a bit of baking with some yummy Apple and Raspberry Muffins. They may not be low calorie but they’re packed full of good stuff and are deliciously moist.

I go iodine free tomorrow and I feel like someone on Death Row about to eat my last dream dinner, lunch and brunch! David takes me out to my favourite cafe for breakfast where I dairy-load with my bestest breakfast, toasted turkish bread with ricotta and strawberries, drizzled with honey. So yummy for my tummy!

There’s the usual grocery grabbing and later I prepare for life without iodine and make a super healthy and yummy Cauliflower and Potato Curry. It freezes well so will keep me in hot and hearty lunches for a week.

It’s quite a challenge finding recipes that don’t have dairy, commercial bread products, eggs, salt or seafood in the list of ingredients, but it’s a challenge I rise to, and bury my head in my cookbooks! I remember from when I had my treatment, it’s easy to eat without iodine but only if you’re organised!

I’m going to use my iodine free diet as a good excuse to get my diet back on track and start killing some calories. This week my mantra will be to eat well, work (out) hard  and smile more! I make it to the late afternoon pump class and have a bar-bell-of-a-ball. Adrienne the instructor, says she hopes we’re hurting because if it’s hurting, it’s working. She says she’s happy we hurt and we should be happy that it hurts too. I love the way her mind works!

My last supper is total iodine loading! The slow cooker comes up trumps again with the Slow Cooker Red Thai  Fish Curry although as curries go, it is totally tame, next time I will be much more heavy handed with the curry paste!