Go Slow Sunday

We both get off to a slow start, but venture out into the sunshine to go shopping. After the untimely demise of our granny grocery trolley last week, today we’re on the hunt for a replacement. It’s proving a little harder than we anticipated with all the surefire shops out of stock. Granny grocery trollies must be suddenly en vogue – how silly of us not to notice!

Finally, we find a brilliant black one in our last-chance-shop and off we go on our merry way. First stop is the spice shop to stock up on mild chilli powder. We can’t be having any repeat performances of the eye-watering curry variety. Last night’s supper makes a vindaloo look bland!

We’re pretty pooped after all that so come home and collapse on the couch to enjoy a Masterchef marathon. We’re so behind and have recorded that many episodes, it’s going to take us forever and a day to watch our way through. Watching all those marvellous meals on the box is making us very hungry! I decide to give my hunger pangs a run for their money and go off to wiggle some weights around at pump.

Later, we have a big chicken feast for dinner, with the incredible, iodine free Donna Hay’s Quick Flat Roasted Chicken with Chilli and Lime. You can’t beat a Sunday roast! There’s still some custard lurking in the fridge from way back in the day when I made Eve’s Pudding. It’s a shame to see it go to waste, so I make a one bowl Microwave Syrup Sponge for David’s dessert. It’s a wonderful winter pud and best of all, you can make it in minutes! I love my Sundays!