From Zero to Hero

I’m determined to be focused and positive this week and I’m full of it this morning when I brave Basic Training at 6am. I can’t bear to miss Kathy’s class! IT sets me up nicely  for my busy day ahead!

I go to the pharmacy to collect my gold plated Thyrogen injection and pay the princely sum of $2014 for the pleasure! I realise with some dismay that the price of those two little vials is the same as a one-week holiday. Ha! I know which I’d rather be having! Well, as it turns out, I’m not having either, as the bank won’t authorise such a big payment on my bank card! Aargh! Hail hot sweats, deep breathing and near tears! I have to  have this injection, this morning. I phone the bank but the lady at the other end is powerless to help. Luckily the pharmacy assistant has a heart and lets me take the vials now, and pay later.

I’m a bit of an emotional wreck by the time I get to the doctors although the sharing of baked goods with the receptionist and doctor bring me a temporary sense of wellbeing. It’s a new doctor today, and Thryogen is new to her. I hope she knows what she’s doing, if not, this could be a very expensive mistake! Turns out I’m in safe hands and it’s needles ahoy! I’m  horrified to find out that this injection is destined for my butt, and not my bicep. This is probably the only time in my life that I’m happy to have a big, well padded posterior!

Still, I suck it up (excuse the vampire pun,) I might aswell get used to it because this week I’m going to be a bit of a pin cushion. There’s more Thryogen tomorrow and later in the week, bags of blood tests. As poking and prodding seems to be the order of the day, she also gives my boobs a bit of a feel, and I’m happy to hear that they’re lump and bump free! Lucky me!

Then it’s off with numb bum to meet Heather, my friend and also, my hairdresser. It’s her birthday on Wednesday so we celebrate with a pre-birthday breakfast. Breakfast is so easy to eat iodine-free and I feast on a fresh fruit platter and calm my nerves with some good coffee.

After a bit of  a stressful start, Monday morning does a complete U- turn. First, Tim from Nike, Australia mails to tell me he’s sending me some new Nike  shoes to encourage me to keep on running. He wrote a really positive comment on I run the night at the weekend. I was so stoked as I  love to get feedback and comments on the blog, especially when it’s so positive! I’m a lucky girl! Thanks Tim! Hooray for Nike!

From then, the morning goes from strength to strength, my bum is no longer numb, I collect the cash from the bank and pay the friendly pharmacy assistant and then Heather and I take a trip to the DIY store! Finally, I’m going to get my gear to make my herb garden! Yay! At last, I’m making some inroads into my Wish List. Isn’t it awesome when a plan comes together?!