Hooray for ebay!

You’ll never guess what! I sold the food mixer that I won on Ebay. Hooray! I’m a bit new to all the wheeling and dealing and blinded by the technology but David has taken on the role of  Official Sales Manager and has handled everything with great proficiency and aplomb! So I  really have him to thank for my selling success!

Work is mad busy and the day rushes on by. Jane and I down tools and are out the door on the dot, and it’s only when we’re wee, wee, wee on the way home and more to the point, on the train, that I realise I’ve left my phone on my desk! Aargh! I then have an extra added adventure when I change trains, go back to the city, collect abandoned phone, and hurry home to greet my guest! Meanwhile, Jane is a pocket rocket; she picks up some last minute ingredients, lets herself in with my keys and makes herself right at home!

When I eventually arrive, we fly about the kitchen, roasting  pumpkin and then get on with the dish of  the day, Winter Vegetable Pie. It’s pretty lucky that the recipe calls for some  rosemary as it’s the only healthy looking herb in my “garden!” It makes me feel happy and wholesome to use my home grown herbs in my home made dinner! Dinner is warming and wonderful and although we’re full of food and wine, we still find some space for those beautiful Blushing Pears. This dessert is sweet and sophisticated, just like us!

And if all that wasn’t excitement enough, the ebay buyer rocks up to collect her marvellous machine! She’s as pleased as punch with her purchase! Her happiness is infectious, I’m happy that she’s so happy! My first satisfied customer!