Less is More

It’s an action packed Thursday. I have a lunchtime rendezvous with Smoha, who was one of the first students I taught when I came to Sydney, and he’s just finished a Masters Degree at university. How’s that for cool for school? It’s fun to catch up and I  have my first taste of Taiwan – it may have been from a food court, but Smoha assures me that the flavour is spot on. Yum!

David sends me a text to tell me those Gooey Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies are, and I quote, “stunning” which is high praise from His Royal Fussiness, and later, he comes and meets me for an afternoon coffee, which is a value-added afternoon bonus. Smoha gets a doggy bag of the cookies too, so the Feeder Program is still going strong.

Gaille is back in work today. She used to be a full timer and moved onto pastures new, but now and again, we’re lucky to have her back on the team, even if it is only for a day or two. It’s such a lovely surprise to see her and it’s twice as nice when she brings out the most heavenly tasting baked goods. She’s been busy with a Flourless Almond and Coconut Cake and the smell is so mighty fine, I can’t resist trying and tasting. It’s a bit ironic really, I won’t touch my own baked goods, but I’ll happily chow down everyone else’s! This is a great recipe, and one I can’t wait to try it out for myself!

After work, I get down to the serious business of birthday shopping. I can’t believe David’s birthday is only 10 days away. Usually, I am Little Miss Organised and would have been done and dusted by now, and now it’s the year of the landmark birthday, and I haven’t even started! I’ve got a Herculean task ahead of me because I’ve decided I’ll get him forty fabulous gifts, one for every fabulous year. This is no mean feat, given my limited budget, limited time and David’s limited wish list. I love him as he is, but I can’t help thinking, if only he was 10 or 20 years younger, my job would be a little easier! I’m a woman on a mission, and quite a successful one it is too. With all the bits and bobs that I buy, I’m well over the half way mark, and am feeling pretty pleased with my purchases! Of course I can’t reveal my best bargains or gorgeous gifts… David reads the blog too!

We’re both home late, so supper has to be speedy. Tonight I chuck a Chilli Chicken Stir-Fry into the wok. Fresh, fast and filling – a perfect midweek supper. It’s D-Day with the Endo tomorrow, and to be honest, I’m worried less about what she’s going to say, and more about what treats I can take her to eat. I remember my Gooey Chocolate and Cranberry Cookie dough lying in the freezer,  so pop it onto the tray and into the oven. Hey Presto, probably the quickest cookies in the world!  Less is more, isn’t that what they say? So tonight, there’s less time in the kitchen, and, more time on the sofa!