Bring on the Birthdays!

Be So HappyI squeeze in a sneaky run after work. I have to go hard and go fast because I have David’s cake to decorate. The Chocolate Fudge Cake looks good enough to eat, but I resist the urge and get down and dirty decorating it! The icing is highly calorific and highly addictive. Having never been known for my patience, I can’t wait till it’s well and truly thick and slather it all over the cake regardless! As a result, it slips and slides and drips down the sides and over various parts of the kitchen. I have to go round cleaning up the evidence before David gets home, and just in time, to lick the bowl! He likes the icing, so fingers crossed he will like the cake too.

I love producing dinners I prepare earlier so tonight when time is tight, I magic that Chicken Pasanda out of the fridge for an instant supper. We forego the rice cooker and try steaming our rice in the Thermomix which of course, cooks it to perfection. It’s a sensational supper and I love it! It’s a restaurant quality curry! Great recipe BBC Good Food.

I just have time to put the finishing touches to David’s presents so that there are forty fabulous gifts under the tree! I know it’s wrong to wish your life away but I can’t wait until the morning. Heavens, I think I’m more excited than David!